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Every Gowor International Publishing author is inspiring, powerful, and influential in their own way. The books they have written and that we have produced are life-changing. Browse the author profiles below and familiarize yourself with our authors!

Christie Pinto

Christie Pinto is a dynamic Personal Coach,Mentor, Healer and Author. Christie’s vision is to help millions of people around the world connect with themselves so they can live life on purpose and create a life they love while having a lot of fun.

Within the last decade, Christie has assisted many people around the world to lead more purposeful and fulfilling lives. Regarded by many as an inspiration, Christie is the author of Who Has Got Your Back? and owner of Crystal Clear Horizons, a company dedicated to delivering cutting edge coaching, mentoring and training to people who want to enjoy life and make a difference in the world.

With a corporate background in information technology and projects, Christie found that after more than fifteen years in this arena, her true purpose lay elsewhere. At the age of forty, Christie made the courageous decision to follow her heart, moving into the coaching space. Her background as a senior consultant enabled Christie to combine her new coaching and healing skills with business knowledge to deliver a holistic approach. She draws deeply on her professional and personal background to impart insights and wisdom to her clients and audiences.

Delvina Waiti

Delvina Waiti is an author, speaker and soulful leader with a prodigious passion to bring a soulful leadership revolution to the world. Creating her soul-purpose driven business as “Delvina Waiti – The Soulful Leader” she is dedicated to delivering training and soul wisdom to men and women ready for personal leadership growth.

With a background in Education and Masters in Leadership, Delvina has forged her business through her passion to deliver profound, transformational and personal leadership training to inspire her dreams of a soulful leadership revolution. Her book Native Wisdom of a Soulful Leader is the first rendition of her soul wisdom leadership revelations. The wisdom in her book is deep rooted in ancient perspectives of leadership and the true human potential we all hold as leaders of the New World.

Delvina’s New Zealand Maori ethnic background is the foundation for her deep soul wisdom. Her ancestral connections continue to guide her through profound understandings of human potential, creativity and unconditional love. From a young age Delvina has always been guided by the spirit world of her people and continues to pass this knowledge on through her book and soul wisdom training through a universal understanding.

George Masempela

George Masempela is a Zambian expatriate living and working in Western Australia. George was born in 1971,the third born in a family of nine children. George cameto Australia in 2004 on the 26th of January (Australia Day)as a Student at TAFE Central where he pursued a Diploma of Tourism Management Operations and a Certificate 3 in Commercial Cookery.

George is very proud to announce the completion of his first book entitled I Still Call Zambia Home. Adding a title to his name as an author of the above book, George is very proud to have worked with Emily Gowor, the founder of Gowor International Publishing (GIP) and an author and Speaker, among other things. George has now developed an interest in becoming a professional writer and helping other people to put their stories on paper.

Haley Jones

Dr Haley Jones is an author and speaker who helps people clarify what their passion is and how they can fulfil it. Working with adults and children, Dr Jones aims to change the ingrained mindset that promotes financial security above personal fulfilment. Her engaging and thoughtful workshops and books cause people to reshape their thoughts towards career and money. With her sharp intellect and knowledge of wealth creation and personal development, Dr Jones teaches practical methods for discovering and following one’s true path.

As a writer and presenter, Dr Jones holds workshops in schools and for adults. She is dedicated to creating knowledge about how passive wealth can be created so that people are free to do what they love. Addressing a gap in our culture that downplays the importance of meaning in work, she shows how this is possible through the understanding of wealth creation and cash flow. With the knowledge she provides, it is easy to see how financial security and a job that you love are not mutually exclusive.

Dr Jones’ gentle but strong-minded approach highlights the potential outside of the standard nine-to-five box. Her booklet, What if Money Wasn’t an Issue, is a smart guide on creating passive income, which goes to the heart of Dr Jones’ aim. Ultimately, she wants to free people from their constraints so that they can experience the joy embedded in everyday life.

Jeff Garland

Jeff Garland is a dedicated and decorated retired Senior Sergeant. And, more importantly, he is a father, a husband and a survivor whose passion to make a difference has led him on an incredible road to self-discovery. His story, determination and courage about how he overcame the depths of depression, thoughts of suicide and PTSD will inspire and move you.

Jeff had always dreamed about making a difference. To him there was no greater purpose in life. Whether it was organising large-scale fundraising events to raise money for charity, attempting Guinness World Records, serving on the NSW Police Force’s front-line, or being a public advocate for change Jeff knew from an early age what he wanted his legacy to be – hope!

The resilience and fortitude that Jeff has displayed in serving as a Police officer, overcoming PTSD, depression and thoughts of suicide and writing about his experiences over the last 13 years reflects the congruency of his words with his actions.His message is simple and sincere: ‘We need to change the way we think in order to make a difference. Help A Mate Before It’s Too Late!!!’

Jenni Reiffel

Jenni Reiffel is an Entrepreneur, Author and a mother of four children. Extremely passionate about inspiring people to dream big and achieve their goals, Jenni is the co-owner of Polar Displays & Print with her partner Chris and a property investor with a growing portfolio.

Completing her Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness to become a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, Jenni changed direction to pursue her entrepreneurial aspirations. Jenni developed her drive and strong work ethic by watching her parents build a stable business of their own. Between her studies in Business Management and real-life experience, Jenni and is continually expanding her repertoire as a successful entrepreneur. A long-time student of personal growth, Jenni understands that to get ahead in life is to be your true authentic self no matter what life hands you.

Jenni’s love of writing began at an early age, as she wrote poetry and short stories. Invisible Strength: Overcoming Depression and Anxiety One Walk in the Park at a Time is her first published book which details her personal account of successfully overcoming depression and anxiety – and helps many others who may be suffering the way she did. As the mother of four, Jenni believes in the importance of being an inspiration to her children, teaching them that with hard work and determination, you can reach the stars.

Kim Baird

Kim Baird is an inspirational speaker, author, transformational coach and entrepreneur. Kim has helped thousands of people to transform their lives and their businesses for the better. She has a passion for living life and absolutely loves helping others to do the same; helping them to consciously create the life that they truly desire.

Her skills at transforming others have come from vast training, and her own unique experiences in life. Faced with many challenges from being born with cataracts, nearly having to declare bankruptcy on multiple occasions, and being diagnosed with serious health problems, she has discovered how to thrive in the face of adversity.

Kim is the co-founder of Amazing Business with her husband Andrew, a business that is passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs to thrive. They offer online training programs, live events, and coaching and mentoring. Together they have helped thousands of businesses around the world to turn around their thinking and their results.

Lance Garbutt

Lisa Wiking

Lisa Wiking is a leadership expert,speaker and published author. Through spending the past eighteen years researching leadership and applying her extensive experience in her own career as a leader, Lisa has established a clear system for what does and does not work in empowering people to rise up as leaders. Along the way, she continues to add new skills to her tool kit.

Having studied a Diploma In Life Coaching, Lisa is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and has completed multiple trainings in public speaking and presenting. Lisa has also led many teams to success – teams as small as 4 or 5 members to teams of over 100 people. Complimented by her supreme training and public speaking skills, Lisa captivates audiences – both small and large – and engages them in a way that ensures leadership improvement in any organization.

Lisa offers Motivational Leadership’s flagship training Dynamic Leadership Theorem through a series of e-course trainings to enable the leader to work at their own pace, implementing throughout the course. They also get to experience the support of the online ‘DLT’ Community for life. On completion, the participants find themselves being the Motivational Leader.Lisa is passionate about assisting leaders to experience leadership as an empowering and rewarding experience.

Louise Ginglo

Louise Ginglo is the author of Diet Starts Tomorrow and has written contributions for two amazing and inspirational books, Inspiration Bible and Writing: The Powerful Healer. After growing up with low self-esteem and a dislike for what she looked like, Louise finally discovered self-love, compassion, acceptance and belief within herself.

Louise gained many years of experience working in the weight loss industry, and has obtained her Diploma of Weight Loss consulting. After spending her teenage years riddled with hate for her overweight body, Louise lost the weight but soon realised she still wasn’t happy with who she was or what she looked like. The kilos piled on again and many diets were attempted, with minimal success. It wasn’t until Louise took a look at the people who achieved their weight loss goals and read their stories that she became aware that it was more about adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Louise’s passion lies in helping people achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle, rather than committing to a life-long cycle of dieting to chase an unrealistic body. As the creator of Weigh Less Sanctuary, Louise uses her intuition to guide people to connect their body to their mind and their spirit through her writing, as well as working individually with a person.

Nikki Slade

Nikki Slade is one of the leading pioneers in the field of voice, chanting and sound work in the UK. As founder of Free the Inner Voice and Chemistry at Work, she has inspired corporate groups, including M+C Saatchi, Deutcshe Bank and Cisco, and she is the Resident Kirtan leader at Triyoga, London.

Nikki has recorded four highly acclaimed CDs: Nectarine,Monsoon, Soundscape and Epiphany.Nikki’s cutting-edge approach to working with“the voice” has also been experienced at Wandsworth Prison and at The Priory Hospital in North London, where she has impacted the recovery of hundreds of addicts for over a decade.

Nikki has led chants with more than a thousand people at 11.11.11 at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, and The Hilton Metropole for Oneness 12.12.12. She has also led for The Prosperity conference at The Barbican in 2013 and for Just This Day at St. Martins in the Fields in Trafalgar Square. In 2015, she led the finale chanting celebration at the Plaza Ballroom for Emily Gowor’s Inspiration Bible book launch in Melbourne.

Suzanne Waldron

When supporting others to create more freedom, clarity, drive and success in their lives, Suzanne Waldron is at her happiest. In fact, she describes when being with others in this capacity she is indeed being the best version of herself.

Whilst Suzanne knows her human behavioral change qualifications are important, it’s the life lessons she’s learned along the way that qualify her. Despite having had a difficult life for many of her earlier years such as living with a foster family, leaving home at 15 years old, being homeless and having many difficult experiences through her teens and 20’s, it was these experiences and lessons that inspired Suzanne to find the peace, happiness and success she enjoys today.

Suzanne truly believes anything is possible. Learning to believe in yourself, understand you always have a choice and acting with kindness are the key ingredients to propel you towards anything you desire. Originally from the UK, now living in Western Australia with her husband of 18 year, Suzanne relishes in exploring cultures around the world, learning about and creating new and exciting opportunities in her business. Writing, coaching and speaking, Suzanne travels and reaches more people with her messages than ever before.

Tim Brister

Tim owns several businesses that enable him to develop a portfolio of services and products that enable his clients to transform their lives. Tim’s portfolio includes relationship coaching, business leadership coaching, career coaching, trouble shooting in Financial Services, creation of experiential workshops and writing.

For the past twenty years, Tim has immersed himself in his personal development journey through exposure to world-leaders in the field. Tim’s refusal to accept anything other than the best for him and his family means he has personal experience of the tensions a parent has managing their need to contribute to their family as well as develop their career and/or business. Tim has become a mentor to many. Above all else,Tim is committed to living his truth, whatever that takes.

Leveraging his own experience,Tim provides coaching clients with a unique perspective on parenting,his clients consistently report dramatic improvements in all aspects of their lives. Tim coaches business owners and corporates helping them to apply the principles that have proved successful in his own life.

Tony Inman

Tony Inman hails from Jersey, Channel Islands and grew up helping in family hotels. Relocating to Australia to work as a Retail Manager in 1985 before starting many small businesses of his own, Tony …. (Could add more here – flesh it out, do yourself justice!).

Today, Tony is a business and lifestyle consultant, coach and mentor, helping owners of small businesses to grow their profits while balancing their lives. Tony has written for business newspapers and has mentored in the Entrepreneurship unit of Curtin University.

Tony has two grown-up children, Craig and Kim, and is inspired by travel, flying, diving, soccer and volleyball with a commitment to self-expression through writing, music and coaching.

Emily Gowor

Emily Gowor is an inspirational international icon for writing and human greatness. As an extraordinary author, professional speaker and entrepreneur, Emily is the Founder of Gowor International Publishing –an Australian-based company delivering book publishing services – and creator of the revolutionary tool in human potential, the Inspiration Formula. Devoted to seeing people find and fulfil upon their greatest aspirations, Emily harnessed her love of human psychology at an early age to build a profound and thriving career bringing writing and inspiration to the world.

As the author of several published books –The Search For Inspiration, Inspiration Bible, The Book Within You, Sacred Sensuality, The Inspirational Messenger, The Unlikely Entrepreneur, Transformational Leaders and The Lie(co-authored with Mike Handcock) – Emily produced a multiple award-winning blog, Life Travels in 2010 and 2011, attracting thousands of readers. Creating opportunities to work with influential leaders, Emily was an editor on Dr. John Demartini’s international best-selling book Inspired Destiny – Living a Fulfilling & Purposeful Life in 2009. In early 2015, Emily shared the stage with Dr. John Demartini in Melbourne, Australia, at the launch of her global philanthropic project, the Inspiration Bible.

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