Here are some answers to quality questions that we are frequently asked by soon-to-be authors seeking the perfect publishing option for their book:

How long does it take to publish a book?

The publishing process can take anywhere from 12-16 weeks. The final length of time varies greatly depending on several elements including the specs of your book, how quickly you complete tasks set for you by GIP (e.g. checking over the edited manuscript) and whether we encounter any minor set-backs during publication. GIP communicates regularly with every author, keeping you up to date with the progress and stage of your book’s publishing process.

NOTE: The length of your publishing process relies just as much on you and your ability to invest the necessary time into the production process as it does on the GIP team.

How do royalties on book sales work?

In the publishing industry, the person who does the bulk of the marketing (media, promotion, selling and so on) is the one who typically earns the higher royalty.

For example, high-end publishing houses with well-established marketing avenues (e.g. Penguin) tend to keep a significantly higher royalty on every book sale, often paying the author as little as $3-4 a book. The reason for this is that they perform most of the marketing and often have control over your PR and the promotion of your book.

Authors who self-publish their titles keep the full royalties for their book (often over $20 per book) however they are instantly responsible for the full weight of marketing – and miss out on the leverage that a publishing house can provide. In a nutshell, royalties are earned by the party who does the most work. If you market, you keep the profits. If the publishing house markets, they keep the profits.

What will my estimated royalty be per book?

It is impossible for us to determine exactly what royalty you will earn from the sales of your book without taking your book through the publishing process as the royalty will vary as a result of several components like the print price, length of the book, print specifications and list price. However, a book that retails for $30 AUD can earn you up to $19-20 AUD on royalties when you sell the book and higher than $15 AUD if we sell it for you. As another guide, a book that has an RRP of $25 AUD approx. can earn you up to $16-17 AUD depending on the print price.

Please note: your earned royalty will be lower when the book is sold through re-sellers (e.g. Amazon) and vary depending on the country and currency it is sold in. GIP royalties are paid out on a quarterly basis for the preceding quarter.

Where will my books be printed?

GIP utilizes print on demand printing houses based in Australia (Melbourne), the USA and the United Kingdom. Your books will be printed at the printing location closest to the place of order to reduce time and cost of printing and shipping.

What is the minimum length for a book?

There is no one solid rule as to how many words a book should be. However, as a general guide, we believe it’s great to have a book that is at least 35,000-40,000 words in length. On a 5 x 8 inch cover this will print smaller than a standard sized book but still be thick enough to sell for a RRP of $25 AUD approx. A ‘healthy’ sized book would typically be around 60,000-70,000 words – around 180 pages on a 6 x 9 inch cover – and can easily be sold for $30 AUD RRP.