Founded in 2013, Gowor International Publishing (GIP) is a publishing company dedicated to delivering training and publishing services to aspiring authors who would love to bring their book to the world.

GIP bridges the gap between the unreachable and mysterious world of traditional publishing and the completely unguided domain of self-publishing, blending the right support and guidance about what it takes to produce an extraordinary book together with professional publishing services.

Offering royalties up to 4-5 times higher than other publishing companies, GIP believes in rewarding authors and attributing them with the full flexibility to market freely and retain ownership of their intellectual property while generating profits and growing their brand.

GIP serves their authors from the beginning (an idea) through the tough part (the writing) to the end result (holding the book their hands). The author training and publishing services delivered by GIP ensure the production of an inspiring andhigh-quality book on both the inside and outside with clean designs and great content.

GIP clients walk away as a published author with a book they are proud to sell, promote and talk about to their friends, family, clients and the world.

GIP’s clients are typically aspiring or established entrepreneurs including speakers, coaches, consultants, mentors and people who would love to publish a book to assist them in fulfilling their mission in the world.

The Business

GIP works with print-on-demand printers with printing houses located in Australia, USA and the United Kingdom, enabling us to publish books from authors in several locations globally. We are united with distribution channels that connect us to 39,000 retailers around the world.

The publishing process for a standard book typically takes between 16 weeks. GIP typically produces books between 30,000 and 100,000 words in length in the genres of self-development, self-help, spirituality, relationships, business, leadership, wealth creation, inspiration, memoir, autobiography and similar topics.

The Team

The team at GIP are deeply inspired by the art of publishing books and will pour their love and care into helping you to produce a book you are proud of. The GIP Project Manager assigned to your book will take extra care when working with you as a team to bring your book to life from rough manuscript to the book being in your hands.

The Philosophy

GIP’s philosophy originates in the same place as the company itself: from a love of words and people. GIP believes not just in producing books, but in supporting leaders. Devoted to publishing a long line of industry-changing books and the greatest writings of this era, GIP inspires a love of writing within every author, believing that every person has the capacity to write a best-selling book within them.

Authors who publish through GIP are far from being just a number in a machineto us – they are inspirational individuals who choose to stand for a message they believe in and create a meaningful ripple effect through the books they write.

The Birth of Gowor International Publishing

GIP came to life in late 2013 through its dynamic founder, Emily Gowor.

Emily’s extensive work in coaching authors from around the world to develop, write and finish books as well as writing and producing several of her own inspired her to birth the vision for GIP. Emily’s love of words and heartfelt belief in authors can be felt within every part of this company that is simply devoted to bringing truly inspirational books to the world.