The team at Gowor International Publishing will be honoured and inspired to produce your book as one of our inspirational titles.

This page introduces you to how you can work with us best in bringing your book to life and achieving your aspiration of becoming a published author.

Why Gowor International Publishing?

  • The entire team at Gowor International Publishing are inspired by paying attention to the finer details of a book. We are not just a printing house and we care that your book is exquisite (otherwise it won’t sell). We will treat your book with the same love we do for our own.
  • When you become a published author with Gowor International Publishing, we will ensure that you retain the rights to the intellectual property included in your book, as I believe in the importance of maintaining ownership of your original ideas.
  • The Gowor International Publishing team are all equally inspired by the world of books and writing. This inspiration will rub off on you as we ensure that you walk away with a book in your hands that you are incredibly proud of.
  • You will receive and experience the full benefit of our 1:1 attention as the Gowor International Publishing Project Manager and team walk you step-by-step through the process of publishing your book. We will take care of the important details so you don’t skip out on the essentials and make sure you don’t miss anything along the way so you get the best result possible.
  • When we publish your book, we will set you up on a print-on-demand printing system, meaning that you can order as few or as many books as you need. We won’t ever request that you order a minimum books, although ordering in lots of 100 books or more reduces the cost of printing.
  • We stand for INSPIRATION in everything that we do – and we want YOUR book to become part of our mission to inspire more people globally to live incredible lives.

About Our Package

The package we offer through Gowor International Publishing is designed to take care of every stage of the publishing process and provide you with the highest quality end product possible.

Your book will be in safe hands from day one until the moment you are holding it in your hands.

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