Dear aspiring author,

After writing and publishing several of my own books and coaching authors from around the world to write their manuscripts, I discovered a desire to not just assist people with producing their manuscript, but take it through to print and publish.

I noticed how many soon-to-be authors were finding themselves lost, overwhelmed, and confused when it came to choosing a publishing option. Put simply, they felt intimidated by hard-to-reach traditional publishing houses, and tentative about what to do when self-publishing their book. So many questions arose about what team members to hire, what a book should cost to print, how to register a title on Amazon, choose a great interior layout, and format a book for Kindle use – not to mention how to ensure that the book sells well once published.

Even I experienced this first-hand through the release of my first three books – two of which were through a small-time publishing house, and one of which was self-published. I experienced the advantages and disadvantages of both options; and learned a great deal about the book production and publishing industry along the way.

And so, I founded Gowor International Publishing in 2013 – now fondly known as GIP – to deliver a publishing avenue for authors that will, as we move into the long term, provide a book publishing option that incorporated the two worlds of self and traditional publishing together into one.

Gowor International Publishing specializes in providing many of the benefits of self-publishing (including flexibility and freedom of marketing, ownership of intellectual property, high royalties and creative control) together with the status and professionalism of a traditional publishing house. I am proud of all of Gowor International Publishing’s existing titles and find myself increasingly inspired by the authors who have worked hard to write these books.

And, beyond publishing, Gowor International Publishing has also provided a home for my extensive coaching and training in the author education space: delivering the templates, guidance and feedback that writers need in order to start, write, and finish a great manuscript.

At Gowor International Publishing, we care greatly about each author, even ‘the little author’. You are not just a number in a machine to us. My entire team care about both your message and mission and our focus is on producing outstanding best-seller quality titles that engage, move, touch, educate, and inspire the reader.

Gowor International Publishing is also on a mission to publish empowering literature that authors can bring to the world. At the core, I am interested in publishing books that inspire and uplift the reader on a wide range of topics – from self-development and business through to health and relationships – and move them to do something great with their life. And, it would fulfil me greatly to have your book as part of the steadily-growing collection of titles that will go on to change lives.

It’s important for me to say here that I am (naturally) conscious of which books we publish through GIP. Our team would love to read a portion of or your entire manuscript before moving ahead to confirm that we are a perfect fit for one another.

I look forward to hearing more about you and your book – and being part of your future as a published author!

With inspiration,

Emily Gowor
Multiple Published Author
Speaker &Book Mentor
Founder of Gowor International Publishing